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Passenger Safety

Staff with carseat and community member

Divide Fire now has a certified car seat technician.


Divide Fire has a dedicated Child Passenger Safety Technician.  Our Technician works with not only young children, but all ages of passengers and drivers to help make sure they are as safe as possible while riding or operating a vehicle on our roadways.  This includes teen drivers as well as aging drivers.


Through community outreach, we educate all residents and visitors in many areas of injury prevention.  This is done both through community events as well individual programs on specific targets.  This education includes bike and pedestrian safety, ATV safety,  home safety, fire prevention, CPR/1st Aid, Stop the Bleed, and many other areas.  As part of collaboration with other coalition partners through the Pikes Peak Region and extending through the state, resources are available for this education.


In addition to outreach within the Divide community, there is a collaboration on both the regional and state levels to bring information to Teller County and ensure our rural voices are heard on traffic safety matters and injury prevention through the Pikes Peak region and beyond.


Lisa Pitts is our certified child passenger safety technician and CarFit technician. Sheis available to help with you passanger safetly needs, please email her to make an appointment.