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What are the ISO ratings in DFPD?

Outside of 5 miles from the station the rating is 10. Within 5 miles there are two ratings: 4Y for areas without hydrants and 4 for areas with hydrants. In the Divide Fire Protection District there are hydrants only in the business district of Divide and in the Meadow Park Subdivision.

How far is the property from the station and how long does it take to respond to the property?

Enter the address of the station (103 Cedar Mountain Road, Divide, Co, 80814) and the address of the residents into a mapping website such as That will give you both the distance and travel time.

Are there any Hydrants in the area of the proposed insured property?

In DFPD there are hydrants only in the business district of Divide and  in the Meadow Park Subdivision.

What are the capacities of the engine(s) and tender(s)?

    > Tender 2 - Type 1, 2005 International 6x6, 3,500 gallon tactical Vacuum-tender/

        1,000 gpm pumper

    > Engine 4 - Type 1, 2001 International 750 gallon, 1,250 gpm 4x4, Class A  Severe-Use

       Pumper can be a Type 1 or a Type 3, currently listed by the State as a Type 3, which is          the largest wild land engine available.

    > Brush 9 - Type 6, 2002 F550 4x4, 350 gallon engine

    > Brush 10 - Type 6 2002 F550 4x4, 350 gallon engine

    > Engine 1 - Type 1, 2010 International 4x4, Class A 1,000 gallon Commercial Pumper

    > Tender 5 - Type 1 tactical tender, 2014 International 2,000 gallon, 750 gpm

Is the department full time or volunteer?

The department is a community-based, volunteer organization with employees. Volunteers must live in the fire district boundaries, reducing the response time. The station manager is a full-time employee. A salaried administrator responds to calls with fellow department volunteers. Volunteers who are retired often respond to calls during other's standard work hours. Among our responding volunteers are fire fighters and EMT's who are employed by larger districts and work staggered shifts. 

Does the department have additional resources?

DFPD participates in a mutual aid agreement with the surrounding departments. Based on the initial dispatch or on scene reports, the DFPD might put other districts on standby or request additional resources such as people, engines, brush trucks and/or tenders.

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