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Open Records Policy

The District shall comply with, and adopt and maintain policies as necessary for compliance with, applicable records retention, destruction, and disclosure requirements, including Colorado Open Records Act, State Archives and Public Records law, and various consumer privacy legislation.  The District Administrator or his or her designee, is hereby designated as the Official Custodian pursuant to the Open Records Act.  In the event there is any question as to whether the District is permitted to comply with an Open Records Act request, the Custodian of records via the District Board shall forward such request to the District’s legal counsel. 

As allowed under section 24-72-205(6), C.R.S., the District may charge, at its discretion, a fee of $30 per hour after the first hour for the staff time required to search for, retrieve, and review the responsive records for an open records request. The District may, at its discretion, charge a fee of $.25 per page for paper copies, or additional fees as allowed by law for the actual incremental costs of providing the electronic services and products, including any programming costs, together with a reasonable portion of the costs associated with building and maintaining the information system. The requestor must approve the cost estimate before the District will begin work on fulfilling the records request.

The District shall follow the Document Retention and Destruction Schedule as adopted and approved by the Colorado State Archivist.

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