Volunteer Fire Department

       103 Cedar Mountain Road, Divide, Colorado

2018 Board Elections

Voting Information

The Divide Fire Protection District will be holding a polling place election to fill three positions on the Board of Directors for 4-year terms.



When:  Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

             7 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Where: Divide Fire Station 1

                103 Cedar Mountain Road

                Divide, CO 80814


Who can vote:

Short answer: If you either live in the District, or you own property in the District, AND are eligible to vote in the state of Colorado, you are eligible to vote.


Long Answer: An eligible elector of said district for the purpose of said election is a person registered to vote pursuant to the "Colorado Uniform Election Code of 1992;" and who is a resident of the District, or who, or whose spouse or civil union partner, owns taxable real or personal property within the District, whether said person resides within the District or not, or a person who is obligated to pay taxes under a contract to purchase taxable property within the District shall be considered an owner of taxable property for the purpose of qualifying as an eligible elector.


If you are eligible to vote but not registered yet, go to the Colorado Secretary of State website at www.sos.state.co.us and you can register online.

The Candidates 

Joseph Enna

Profile Coming Soon

Allison Mosser

Background or History:

Member of Divide Fire from 1994 - 2016. Positions held: Medical Captain and Lieutenant

During that time - 9 yrs. on the Colorado Springs Utilities Wildland Fire Team, Squad Boss and Med. Officer

Divide Fire Protection District Board - May 2002 - 2010 (term limited), 2016 - present. Served as Treasurer, Budget Officer, Pension Board Chairman. Current Treasurer, includes reviewing bank statements comparing expenditures and receipts, back account management and transfers, procure financing for large capital expenditures, annual line by line audit review before submittal to the State.

  • Colorado Springs Utilities - 11/1998 - 10/2017 Retired
  • Project Management Professional certification - current
  • Education: Colorado School of Mines, BS Civil Engineering
  • University of Colorado, MBA Operations Management 


Describe how you see the role of District Board Member, and how you plan to fulfill that role/what strengths you bring to the position. 

A Board member serves to manage the funds allocated by District tax payers in a responsible and transparent manner. While doing so, there is a priority to ensure the District membership can provide for fire protection, rescue, and emergency medical services to the Divide, Colorado community. Mutual aid and wildland deployment are also part of the service plan for the District.

The Board member ensures the membership, lead by the Chief and Officers, has the resources to enable them to provide these services in a safe and responsible manner consistent with the laws and regulations that apply to Special Districts under the Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 32, by which we are governed. This includes compliance with any other applicable requirements that firefighters, EMTs, or providers in any other manner of service, may have to meet. As Board members, it is our responsibility to ensure we understand what those requirements might be and the liability that comes with them. We manage risk as it applies to the District and in doing so manage the money entrusted to us by our tax payers as a Special District.

We have District employees who relieve the responsibilities of the membership and ensure equipment and training/skill readiness. These folks serve in capacities that used to lay on the membership. As a Board member we must now also ensure we meet all of the employer responsibilities and regulations. In doing so, sustainability is a large part of our annual and 5-year planning and budget management. We have an ever-changing environment where more and more constraints and regulations apply. The Board must stay current with these requirements while maintaining a collaborative relationship within the Board and with the Chief and the Officers, and ultimately, the public. It is our responsibility to put oversight in place that aligns the membership and operations with these regulations.

All of these Board responsibilities, and more, have been entrusted to us by our tax payers, and the public we serve. They have the assumption that we will serve them to the best of our capacity, as emergency responders and as the Board who oversees the District.

With my past Board experience, and working in the environmental regulatory profession for over 20 years, I have the qualifications and knowledge to serve in the capacity stated above. I am also a collaborative team player and believe that we are always working as a Board to best serve in the Emergency Response community and at the same time, the public and tax payers in the District.


Personal Comments:


Your vote for me ensures we will provide important continuity in the DFPD Treasurer position. I contribute integrity to a collaborative Board that works hard and has the best interest of the District and the public we serve, with every action we take.

Thomas O'Connor

Background or History:

I’m a 25-year member of Divide Fire Protection District holding key positions of Board Member (2002-2008) and Fire Chief (2002-2015), along with Deputy Chief, Captain and Lieutenant during my volunteer firefighter and EMT-B career.


As Fire Chief, I led the department of nearly 50 volunteers in Emergency Medical, Fire and Technical Rescue excellence. In the 13 years as Chief, I oversaw acquisition of several new vehicles, including a new Engine/Pumper, Tender and Rescue units. One of the key things accomplished under my leadership was leading the department to ISO rating improvement of 4/4Y from a 6/9. This was all accomplished while keeping our financial revenue and expenditure budgeting balanced.


My platform for running for Board member is to bring my experience and vision for the future to the Divide Fire Protection District volunteers and taxpayers.


My vision for 2020 plan encompasses these key components:

  1. Acquisition of a new Type 6 Brush Truck to address the continued wildland threat and Districts deployment strategy for additional revenue
  2. A comprehensive vehicle, equipment, training and staffing plan to address current and future goals
  3. Paid firefighter/EMT staffing to address key risk with response days and times


During my tenure as Chief, we started the Teller County Fire Chiefs’ Association in 2004, for which I was President from 2010 to 2015. Some of the key outcomes of this group has been improved collaboration with other emergency service organizations and creation of the Wildland Task Force. The wildland task force was designed to outline mutual aid response within Teller County and surrounding areas to minimize delays and attack wildland fire threats.


Wildland fires continue to be the single greatest threat to everyone in Teller County. We’ve seen the devastation that wildland fires can have in Colorado with the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fires. As a DFPD Board member, I will continue to support and drive a vision for this district to plan for this threat. During my tenure as Chief, we established wildland deployment policies for our vehicles and members to respond to Federal incidents throughout the United States. These deployments generated revenue for the District, as well as training and experience for our members who are willing and wanting to assist.


During my entire career at Divide Fire, I’ve helped write and lead local, state and federal grants totaling well over $500K. Our current Administrative Manager has done an excellent job in continuing to submit and win funding for critical projects and training for DFPD. As a Board member, I will continue to encourage, seek and support this funding opportunity for the district to assist with our comprehensive vehicle, equipment, training and staffing plan.  


Currently emergency response for incidents is done 100% from our volunteers. We continue to be very fortunate with the number and caliber of members at Divide Fire. However, I have identified and documented that there is a RISK throughout the weekday, Monday through Friday during normal business hours that we must address at some point in the future, before an impact effects our level of response.

Personal Comments:

I stepped down as Chief of Divide Fire in 2015 due to my work responsibilities and travel as a Sr. Principal Consultant with CA Technologies. I remain an active volunteer and ready to help guide the Divide Fire Protection District in the future and asking for your support as a board member.

You can find more information about my goals as a Board member and for DFPD at https://www.facebook.com/tom.oconnor.583234 or search for @Tom4DFPDBoard

Lisa Pitts

Background or History:

Criminal Justice field and advanced degree; FFII, EMT

(in process for changeover to Colorado)


Describe how you see the role of District Board Member, and how you plan to fulfill that role/what strengths you bring to the position. 

The role of the District Board Member to is oversee operations of the department, but to not interfere in the day-to-day operations.

Barry Pleshek


Background or History:

Served for over 20 years as a volunteer with the Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District, located in El Paso County. Started as a line firefighter and progressed through the ranks to the position of Fire Chief. Currently still serving as Fire Chief of WVFPD, but only as an advisor providing oversight for an IGA for all emergency services with Colorado Springs Fire Department.   Previous member of the El Paso County Wildland team. Currently wildland certified and the appointed Fire Marshal at Mueller State Park.


Describe how you see the role of District Board Member, and how you plan to fulfill that role/what strengths you bring to the position.


I see my current role with DFPD as an advisor, and provide experience through my previous occupation as a vehicle maintenance supervisor for the Colorado Army National Guard and fire service experience as the Fire Chief for the Woodmen Valley Fire Protection District and through my wildland training.

I believe in the fundamental values of integrity, honesty, loyalty and leadership. I believe in the personal responsibility to serve the community that you live in to help make the community successful. I find that my best asset is not having any prior affiliation to DFPD membership. Having a totally unbiased position allows for taking no sides or showing favoritism. I feel my contribution to the board is appreciated and look forward to continued service if I am reappointed.  


Personal Comments:

I enjoy the opportunity to serve the first responders of my district where I have invested not only my time, but have personal property and my family living within the DFPD district.


Candace Shoemaker

Background or History:

I began my firefighting and EMS career as a member of Divide Volunteer Fire department in 1972 and have remained active with the department over the past 46 years including serving in several officer positions over the years. I established the Medical-Rescue division in 1987 and facilitated formation of the high angle rescue team several years later. I retired from the Department as an active member in 2016 and have served on the Divide Fire Protection Board for the past 4 years.


I graduated from UCCS with a Bachelor of Science, Health Science-Emergency Medical Services option in 2003 and have been a Nationally Registered Paramedic for 16 years.


I have managed the EMS division for the Southern Teller County Health Services District for 27 years.

Describe how you see the role of District Board Member, and how you plan to fulfill that role/what strengths you bring to the position. 

A Board of Directors exists to provide leadership and governance using an actual framework of rules and practices which ensures accountability, fairness, and transparency in its relationship with community as well as the fire department. As a member of the Board, the interests of the entire organization must be considered not just the passions of a few. To do this Board members must have an understanding of the operations of the department even though they don’t actually actively manage it on a day to day basis. Although the Board should listen to recommendations from the Administrator, Divide Fire Chief and Officers, the Board ultimately is responsible to decide the mission and strategic vision for the department and ensure that appropriate resources are available through the development of budget and expenditure of financial resources.

I have many years’ experience in managing a budget for a similar service and implementing the rules and visions of a Board of Directors. I also understand the importance of providing transparent financial and operational information to the public whose tax dollars we are responsible for when providing a service. I have been actively involved in Fire and EMS organizations – local, regional and statewide so I have seen many instances of both good and poor decisions made by leaders in a variety of circumstances. This is information and knowledge that can be used to help avoid or at least deal appropriately with a variety of pitfalls.

I believe my experience in managing a highly successful EMS service and being involved in the day to day operations of Divide Fire over the years and also understanding the different legal and operational requirements of a Title 32 Special District (Divide Fire Protection District) enables me to serve as a knowledgeable Board Member.

Personal Comments:

I have lived in the Divide community since 1968 and appreciate the community support and trust that they have in our volunteer fire department. Our dedicated volunteers are the reason we can provide timely and well qualified/professional response to fire and medical emergencies in our area. Professionalism has nothing to do with whether or not someone is paid to respond – only how they act and perform their duties when they do, which is why I have always been proud to be associated with Divide Fire.


Joshua Weatherill

My family and I have lived in Teller County since 1995. I have been married to my wife Wendy for 23 years; we have 3 kids, 1 grandchild. I joined divide fire in 1998. During my tender with Divide fire I obtained my Fire Fighter 1 Certification, EMT B Certification, S130, S190 and Red Card Certification, I held the position of Fire Captain and also handled a K9 that was certified for Accelerant Detection that was utilized through Teller County Sheriff's Office. I resigned from Divide Fire in 2002 to pursue my career in law enforcement.

               During my tender with Teller County Sheriff’s Office I held the position of Animal Control Officer, Detention Deputy, Patrol Deputy, K9 Handler/ K9 Trainer, Swat Operator/ Swat Team Leader. I was a board member for the Sheriff’s Board at the Teller County Sheriff’s Office. In 2011 I resigned from Teller County Sheriff’s Office to further my career as Detective Sergeant with Cripple Creek Police Department.

During my tender with Cripple Creek Police Department, I supervised Patrol Officers, Corporals, Evidence Custodian and Animal Control. I was responsible for investigating all major crimes, all pre-employment interviews and background investigations on new hires. I was also responsible for all Internal Affairs Investigations. I was the Vice President for the board at the Department of Human Services Child Protecting Team. I also was involved in budget planning and disbursement with the CC Police Department.

I am currently the owner of a Process and Investigations business located in Teller County. As a business owner I understand how important it is to manage and budget finances and assets. I feel I would be not only an asset to the tax payers in our district, but also the volunteers of Divide Fire because I once stood in their shoes. I feel it is very important to be able to work as a team to achieve the goals set forth. I also believe it is important to allow everyone’s voice to be heard in order to make sound decisions.   I have resided in this district for over 23 years and watched this community grow and recognize its needs as it changes. I feel being involved on the Board for Divide Fire would be a great opportunity to provide my skills and knowledge in moving forward.


      Joshua Weatherill      

Please remember to come out and vote on May 8, 2018